April & Jason Roberts

Curry County

Five Hearts Farm

What They Grow: Cattle, Pigs, U-Pick Flowers, Forage, Grain Crops

Where They Are: Curry County

Which Generation: Fifth- and First-Generation

Key Values: Family, Innovation, Regenerative Farming

Jason Roberts

Fifth Generation Farmer & Rancher

"I can honestly say I get sad every time we have to take anything in [to the butcher], but that is how attached we want to be. I don't want that feeling to ever leave. Let's be thankful for what we have. Let's honor them with the life they had and by taking care of them the best we can. Their purpose in life is to feed us, but we need to be mindful they're not just animals. It is a privilege to get to raise them."

April Roberts

First Generation Farmer & Rancher

"We are very personal with our animals. It's a hard process for us to take the to the butcher. We get emotional because we become so connected to these animals in raising them and keeping them healthy. It's a humbling process, and we see so much beauty in honoring their lives, as they honor us by giving us nourishment. We believe full-heartedly in honoring them in everything that we do from the way we care for them to the crops we grow for them to eat."